Advanced Marketing Suite

The Data-Driven App Marketing Solution





Real-time analytics for data-driven app marketing

The analytics platform centralizes all of your app data in one place, giving a complete picture of who your users are, where they’re coming from, and how they interact with your app. Identify key trends and correlations to measure the impact of your engagement strategy and surface key insights.


Reach the right audience with user segmentation & targeting

Create audience segments by combining multiple data points, from user profile data to in-app behavior and activity. Send targeted messages to the right audience at the right time to increase click rates by more than 3x and conversion rate by 7x.



Enhance the user experience to generate high value power users

In-app messages can serve as a roadmap to help navigate users through the app, giving them helpful pointers and delivering key information. Improving the user experience with in-app messaging creates highly engaged users, increasing app launches by 27% and producing power users with higher conversion rates and lifetime values.

Reach the right users at the right time with targeted in-app messaging

In-app messages can be targeted based on user app activity, as well as location and profile data. App users are 2x more likely to interact and 4x more likely to convert with targeted messaging compared to messages triggered at app launch.


Customize your creative for a fully branded and interactive experience

With the intuitive WYSIWYG Creative Builder, you can build a new in-app message in a matter of seconds. Change colors, fonts, and images for a fully branded look and feel. For full customization, upload your own custom HTML with interactive elements like image carousels and surveys.


Reach users beyond app walls with push messages

With push messaging, you can reach your user outside app walls and drive them into the app, increasing user engagement and retention. Push notifications also drive 88% more app launches and reduce the interval between app sessions by 55%.


Catch their attention with rich push messages

Add images, GIFs, videos, or audio files to your push notifications for a more compelling and engaging message.

Re-engage and retain to eliminate app churn

60% of users that don’t return to the app within the first 7 days will never return. This number drops to 19% by day 30. Engaging these users with push notifications can boost the retention rate to 65%.

Push notifications are a powerful way to re-engage users outside of the app during this critical period.


Develop location-based mobile marketing campaigns with geo-fencing

Send your mobile app users content that’s personalized to their current location. With geo-fencing, you can send push notifications to users the instant they enter or exit a specific location, even if they don’t have your app open.


Build robust user profiles and segments with location data

Capture location data like foot traffic and dwell time to build highly accurate user profiles for granular audience segmentation and geo-targeting.


Real-time insights fuel smarter mobile app marketing

Detailed campaign reporting measures the impact of your app marketing campaigns on user behavior. Quantify the results of your marketing efforts and determine which campaigns are improving your app ROI. Use these insights to make informed decisions about your targeting and messaging strategy to drive business results.


Let the data decide with A/B/n testing

Run multivariate tests on message content, imagery, CTAs, and more. Test up to 10 versions of every campaign and let the data decide which message resonates with your users. Control groups let you see the true performance of your marketing messages.

Identify retention patterns to guide your retention efforts

View daily, weekly, and monthly retention reports by cohort – groups of users based on date of first app session – to analyze retention patterns in your app. Filter retention reports by any dimension to understand which users are most loyal. Easily spot trends in retention over time to understand how your engagement strategy impacts user loyalty.


Drive Revenue with Lifetime Value Insights

Quantify the value each user is bringing to your business and how your app marketing efforts impact your bottom line. Lifetime value (LTV) reporting gives you insight into how revenue, transactions, and average revenue per user are trending. Filter these reports by acquisition source or any other dimension to understand which user segments have the greatest lifetime value, so you can and acquire and nurture more app users like them.

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