September 23, 2015


Relay, the leading French digital newsstand, and Zinio, the world’s largest digital newsstand with over 6,000 titles in 33 languages, announce a strategic partnership. has chosen Zinio’s technology platform and applications to power its digital newsstand, This will allow Relay to combine its innovative approach to new media consumption with the efficiencies and advanced features of Zinio’s platform. Relay’s customers will benefit from the new reading experience offered by Zinio that allows individual articles to be rendered in an optimized format regardless of the customer’s device, while retaining the graphical elements of the original publication. In particular, the reading experience on smartphones is revolutionized, radically changing the way that Relay’s customers will discover and consume magazine content. “Relay is committed to remaining at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital magazine landscape,” said Dag Rasmussen, CEO of Lagardere Services. “Our partnership with Zinio will help us to drive this evolution, ensuring Relay’s customers benefit from the latest reading technologies.” A combined catalog and advanced technology platform

Zinio will make its catalog of leading international titles available through offering Relay’s customers an unrivalled choice of content ranging from the world’s biggest brands to niche specialist titles. In addition, Zinio will offer new titles from Relay’s 600-magazine catalog. The reach of the combined catalogs will exceed 55% of the digital circulation in France audited by OJD (1st half of 2014 report).

French publishers will benefit both from distribution through Zinio’s international newsstands and the enhanced publisher services offered through its advanced technology platform. Using the Zinio platform, publishers can mitigate the software challenges and cost implications associated with the transition from print to digital. “Publishers are realizing that the significant cost of developing and maintaining apps across multiple platforms detracts from their core focus of producing great content,” said Joan Solà, Zinio’s EVP Chief Global Markets. “Zinio offers a turn-key digital distribution and marketing platform for publishers which we continue to evolve as we add new channels.” Services offered include dedicated magazine apps on all major platforms (iOS, Android and Windows) along with customized tools to manage the end-to-end production process across print, web, apps, email, and advertising, all delivered through a flexible web interface.

The Zinio-powered service is expected to go live in the fourth quarter of 2015.

ABOUT ZINIO LLC. Headquartered in NYC, the company has provided millions of readers with access to thousands of magazines via desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It sells and distributes 6,000+ magazines from nearly 1,200 publishers in 33 languages. Following the acquisition of Audience Media in April 2014, Zinio has expanded its technology services to publishers with a SaaS-based Content Management System designed to provide multi-channel content management, offering channel support for smartphone, web and newsletters.

Zinio’s attention to the customer experience has made it the preferred platform for digital reading. With a seamless interface and product offering, Zinio transforms magazines into digital editions that offer a compelling reading experience and innovative ways for readers to discover great content.

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ABOUT RELAY.COM., operated by the company HDS Digital, a subsidiary of Lagardère Services is the leader of the French digital kiosks approved by OJD with a catalog of 600 magazines, and a rich digital library of 150,000 French ebooks. has a larger ecosystem, including a range of tablets and e-readers coupled with his service as well as a prepaid card offers marketed by the network of Relay outlets.