March 6, 2019


NEW YORK, NY, MARCH 6, 2019 – ZINIO, the leading technology platform for digital magazines, today announced the launch of ZINIO TV, an all-in-one video streaming platform available on Roku, tvOS, iOS, and Android. For over a decade, ZINIO has delivered digital magazines through the world’s largest newsstand, with over 6,000 magazines from around the world. To meet the growing demand among publishers for video streaming services, ZINIO has partnered with Unreel, the leading platform for over-the-top (OTT) video streaming solutions, to launch ZINIO TV.

ZINIO TV is a free streaming service for consumers that brings together premium video content from top magazines, such as Popular Science, Field & Stream, Dirt Rider, Outdoor Life, Motorcyclist, and many more. ZINIO TV’s mission is to help publishers expand the reach of their video content, while providing consumers with free and unlimited access to the greatest selection of video content from their favorite magazine titles.

Unreel will build, deploy, and maintain ZINIO TV’s video platforms, providing publishers access to a wider audience of users and streamlined content distribution across major video platforms, including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS and Android. Powered by Unreel’s OTT technology, ZINIO TV delivers a premium user experience with a smooth and intuitive interface, a wealth of content for all interests, and can be accessed across TV, desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

In addition to launching ZINIO TV, ZINIO and Unreel have partnered to bring the same OTT technology that powers ZINIO TV to publishers looking to launch their own branded video streaming service. This new addition to ZINIO Pro’s suite of technology products and services gives publishers the tools and platforms needed to monetize video content across their own fully branded video streaming service.

“For over 18 years, ZINIO has been a pioneer in the digital magazine and publishing industry, working hand in hand with publishers to ensure they are well positioned for the ever-evolving digital landscape. Today, we are taking the next step with the launch of ZINIO TV,” said Raul Suarez, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the ZINIO Newsstand. “With the launch of ZINIO TV, publishers can now expand the distribution and improve the return on investment of their video content.”

The ZINIO and Unreel partnership is a result of the shift to video that continues to grow year over year. A report from Publicis Media subsidiary, Zenith, projects that users will spend an average of 84 minutes per day watching video content on OTT platforms by 2020. This is a 25% growth from the 67 minutes in 2018. With this increasing shift to OTT video streaming platforms, print publications are increasing investment in releasing more video content.

“With the rise of video in the publishing industry, we partnered with ZINIO to launch ZINIO TV, bringing together Unreel’s OTT technology and ZINIO’s breadth of magazine content,” said Dan Goikhman, CEO of Unreel. “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with ZINIO to bring our OTT video streaming solutions to publishers.”

Publishers interested in distributing video content on ZINIO TV can connect with the team to get started today.

For more information on launching your own streaming service with ZINIO Pro, please visit the OTT product page.

To access ZINIO TV, download the app on your TV, mobile, or tablet device or visit

ZINIO brings innovation and inspiration to the world of magazine publishers and consumers by delivering the ultimate digital reading experience on any device. A pioneer of the digital publishing industry for over a decade, ZINIO leads the digital magazine market in breadth of content and accessibility on any platform.

For magazine publishers, ZINIO Pro converts print magazines to digital content through a proprietary extraction and conversion technology. This technology empowers publishers to convert and enhance content once through ZINIO’s intuitive content management system and distribute across branded magazine apps and platforms for desktop, mobile, and tablet, and through the growing network of ZINIO distribution partners – including Apple News, Amazon Kindle, and many more.

For magazine consumers, ZINIO operates online newsstands and award-winning iOS and Android apps in more than 30 languages. ZINIO provides the broadest selection of digital magazines accessible on any platform that can be read online or offline, synced across multiple devices.

ZINIO has delivered over 500 million digital magazine editions across more than 6,000 titles to over 15 million customers. For more information, visit

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