October 6, 2021 Rob Underwood

NCS Content and ZINIO Allow Publishers to Utilize iOS and Android Applications

Newspaper Publishers who use NCS Content can now use ZINIO to deliver their digital editions to iOS, Android, and their own website.

Since Zinio and NCS Content are now under the same Naviga umbrella, we are able to offer newspaper publishers who use NCS Content an efficient and automated way to push their content from their NCS database, to apps on iOS, Google Play, and web. 

How can we transform your content instantaneously from being stored in NCS content to being usable in a digital format?


Naviga understands that at press time, especially for daily newspapers, you need a quick solution that will transform your content to be ready for digital consumption.

Since your stories are written in NCS Content, every field you can populate is essentially already tagged. Headline, Dek, byline, pull quotes, sidebar, etc… are all separate fields in the story editor.  

What has this allowed us to do? We let NCS Content create the tidy XML file we need, in the exact same format, automatically with no production time required! When the issue is ready to publish, an XML file is generated and uploaded into the ZINIO CMS that feeds all of the app platforms. That whole newspaper issue can now be instantly published, with no extraction time needed! 

What will the final product look like?

The snapshot above is an example of what the final product can look like. It is important to note that ZINIO is not just a flip page solution. We also have a text reading mode for smaller devices that offers a long scroll for a better reading experience.

What are some of the key benefits we would reap from using Commerce to deliver our digital product?

  • Web App: Your content can be hosted within your own website, and you can control the login. The Week is a perfect example of this. We feed their own content back to them via an API, and they get to use our reader technology without reinventing the wheel!

  •  Custom Templates: Your text view templates can be customized to have the same design that you have in print.
  • App Features: Bookmarks, Read to Me, Custom Banners, Push Notifications, in-App Messaging.
  • App Support & Maintenance: We do all of the app support and maintenance on your behalf. Simply give us access to your Google and iOS Developer accounts and we do the rest!
  • Fulfillment House integration: We can set the login process within the apps to login to your fulfillment house. We work with over 15 different fulfillment houses in the US.

Watch this webinar to see the benefits Independent Media received with NCS Content

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