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ZINIO has a comprehensive portfolio of services and supporting content licensing models aimed at enabling partners to deliver digital magazines as part of their proposition.

Due to their modular design, these can be employed to create a range of solutions, from a simple article syndication feed through to a fully managed newsstand.

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Digital Newsstand

Digital Newsstand

Our fully managed, multi-title, white-label digital newsstands offer a complete end-to-end experience for your customers, from discovery through to purchase and access.

Best-in-Class Digital Magazine Reading UX

Customers can fully enjoy their magazines, regardless of device or situation.

Cross-Platform Support

The Newsstand is available as iOS, Android and web applications.

Full Branding Support

Integrate your logos, icons, colors, and more.

Customizable and Configurable

Options include authentication methods, subscription models, and payment solutions.

Marketing Suite

A range of marketing tools including conditional banners and in-app notifications.

Continuous Updates

Regular feature enhancements and support for OS and browser updates.

"The white-label newsstand is constantly evolving, adding new features, and refining the UX. This allows us to offer our customers a great, and continuously improving experience for reading their favorite magazines and articles."

Rick van der Niet | Product Manager (DPG)
Digital Newsstand
APIs eReaders

APIs and eReaders

Integrate digital magazines seamlessly into your existing newsstand, e-commerce site or media service using our APIs and eReaders.

Catalog Metadata

Titles, descriptions, covers, prices; everything you need to market magazines.

Table of Contents & Article Previews

Allow your customers to try before they buy.

Marketing Support

Ongoing access to promotions and special offers to help drive your sales.

Orders & Entitlements

Focus on selling while we manage the subscriptions for you.

Advanced Search

Article-level search using natural-language understanding (NLU) to enhance discovery.

Best-in-Class Digital Magazine Reading UX

Provide access to digital magazines within an all-you-can-read model and/or bundle with other content or services.

APIs eReaders
Content Licensing

Content Licensing

A range of flexible licensing models allow you to integrate magazine content within your existing commercial structures.

Revenue Sharing

Our standard reseller model earns you a commission on the magazines that you sell.

Subscriber Fees

Provide access to magazines within an all-you-can-read model and/or bundle with other content or services.


If you have a specific model in mind, speak with us and we will do our best to accommodate.

Content Licensing
Content Production Services

Content Production Services

Let us streamline your current operations flow – improving turnaround time & quality, while saving cost.

Industry Formats

We can produce both standard and proprietary versions of industry formats, including normalized PDF, ePub, NITF, PRISM XML, and JSON.

Custom Layouts & Rich Media

We enable publishers to apply custom CSS layouts to their publications and include rich media such as images & videos; these can be included into partner formats upon request.

Content Production Services

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