Publisher Services

Publishing software solutions to drive monetization

ZINIO solves the logistical challenges of a complex digital ecosystem and unlocks new revenue and subscription opportunities for magazine publishers.

From managed apps & newsstands through to fulfillment services, APIs & magazine readers.


Managed Services

Let ZINIO provide your digital technology so you can focus on creating great content for your customers.

Offerings include:


Publisher Apps

Turn-key apps for your publications offering your customers flexible access.

Newsstand Apps

Our fully managed, multi-title, white-label digital newsstands.

News Feed Apps

Live news feed app providing your users with a real-time news experience.

ZINIO Reading UX

Our best-in-class reading UX will ensure your customers can fully enjoy their magazines, regardless of device or situation.


Provide your customers with cross-platform support, including iOS, Android and web.

Brand & Identity

The services can be customized with your logo, icons, colors, and messaging.


Configurable authentication, subscription management, and payment options allow you to control your proposition.

Digital Marketing Suite

A full suite of marketing tools give you the ability to plan, deliver and measure campaigns, driving acquisition and retention.


Publisher Tools

ZINIO offers a portfolio of enablers so you can build and integrate a digital content experience within your own services – from basic magazine access through to a searchable article database.


Web Reader

The ZINIO Web Reader can be integrated within your own services to deliver a digital magazine reading experience directly to your subscribers.

Content Access

The ZINIO Content Feed delivers your publications as full issues or individual articles, allowing you to easily distribute your content via websites, apps, newsletters and more.

Enhanced Metadata

The ZINIO Catalog Feed gives access to your publications’ metadata, along with enhancements added during our production process, i.e. an advanced table of contents and NLU metatags for improved search.


Content Conversion

ZINIO tranforms your content into a digital format for distribution to newsstands, websites and apps. From basic delivery through to fully managed solutions, ZINIO can help get your content to your digital distribution channels.


Multiple Channels

Supported channels currently include Amazon Kindle, Apple News+, B&N Nook and others.

Apple News+

Optional end-to-end management; from conversion through to bundling and upload.

Edits & Enhancement

The ZINIO CMS allows editing, additions, and automatic application of your brand attributes.


Fulfillment Management

ZINIO can manage all your digital fulfillment requirements, providing instant, measurable access for your customers.


Instant Access

Fulfill your digital subscriptions through the ZINIO Newsstand and its best-in-class reading UX.

One-Click Reading

Provide access directly from email, secured by ZINIO’s click-based authentication.

Simple Label Processing

Options include real-time processing via API or SFTP through agents, fulfillment houses or directly from the publisher.

Auditable Circulation

All deliveries supported by ZINIO’s full suite of AAM and BPA audit reporting.


Marketing & Data Services

ZINIO has the tools & analytics you need for data-driven marketing. From a basic suite of services through to advanced data & analytics, ZINIO can help you understand and interact with your customers.


Promotional Messaging

Configurable banners and in-app/push messaging across the Publisher and Newsstand Apps allow you to communicate with your customers.

Campaign Support

Discounts and special offers (free trials, extra issues, and more) are available to include in your promotions.

Metered Paywalls

Configurable paywalls give you control over your conversion funnel.

One-Click Links

Provide your customers instant access to an issue with various gating options (# of views, email address, and more).


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