News Feed Apps

A live news feed app, providing your users
with a real-time news and information experience.

Engage Your Customers

Content Feeds

Deliver articles and other feed-based content to your customers; support is included for both RSS and MRSS (audio and video) feeds.

Localized Content

Augment your content with localized live feeds, e.g. weather, traffic, and sports results.

Flexible Monitization

Drive revenue through advertising, premium subscription or hybrid models.

User Engagement

Users can subscribe to alerts by topic and they will receive notifications to keep them updated and engaged.

Cross-Platform Support

Can be delivered as Apple iOS & TV, Android OS & TV, Amazon Alexa & Fire TV, Roku and web apps.

Customize & Configure
Your Proposition

Manage Your Conversion

Free trials and metered paywalls give you full control over your conversion funnel.

Full Branding Support

Customize with your logo, icons, colors, and messaging.

Advertising Support

Native ad and ad network integration; support for multiple ad servers including Google Ad Manager, Facebook Ad Network and Amazon A9.

Management Interface

Web-based interface allows for configuration of the service (including sections, sub-sections, ad placements) and management of content and alerts.

Flexible Models

Configure with single issue sales, single title subscriptions, all-you-can-read (AYCR) subscriptions or hybrid models, including the potential to bundle with your existing services.

Platform Integration

Paywall and subscription service integration is available across MG2, Piano, TownNews, MPP, Press+, Syncronex, and more.

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