Publisher Apps

Our fully managed, single-title, publisher apps
offer a complete end-to-end experience
for your customers, from discovery through
subscription and access.

Engage Your Customers

Best-in-class digital magazine reading experience.

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Promotional Banners

With internal or external links, and conditional banners based on user status.

Explore Section

Featuring selection of free or preview articles with configurable metered paywall.


To specific locations within the app.

Shareable Links

Redirect the recipient to the product or article page of your Web Magazine App.

Article Previews

And latest news RSS feeds.

Optional Marketing Suite Support

Notifications, emails, and more.

Customize & Configure
Your Proposition

Full Branding Support

Customize with your logo, icons, colors, and messaging.

Reading Modes

Choose your default reading mode between replica (PDF) or article-view.

Flexible Sales Models

Choose in-app subscriptions and single copy sales, or the shop can be disabled for read-only solution.

Fulfillment House Integration

Support for print/digital bundling with easy authentication for subscribers.

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