B2B Publishing Solutions

Flexible services to help you seamlessly distribute
and monetize digital content at scale.

ZINIO offers a range of solutions to allow B2B Publishers to deliver a digital reading experience to your subscribers, from the ZINIO Web Reader that can be integrated within your website to our fully managed ZINIO Publisher Apps, available across all platforms.

Our solutions leverage ZINIO’s best-in-class reading UX to ensure subscribers can fully enjoy your magazines, regardless of their device or situation. We minimize any impact on your internal resources by utilizing a straightforward PDF-based production process.

Industry Challenges

As a B2B publisher you may be facing the following challenges:

Increasing costs associated with your print distribution

Across both production and delivery

Declining print magazine readership

As consumption habits switch to digital alternatives, impacting your advertising rate base

An isolated magazine proposition

Preventing it from being included as a valuable addition to your overall subscription or membership model

Siloed production processes

Across magazine and web meaning content cannot be easily repurposed across channels

A poor (or non-existent) commerce solution

Negatively impacting your ability to directly monetize your publications

An increasing technology overhead

Distracting from your core focus of creating great content

ZINIO is here to help so you can focus on what you do best: 

Hands-off PDF-based production process

Meaning no incremental overhead for your production teams

Best-in-class digital reading UX

To ensure your customers embrace and enjoy accessing your publications in digital format

Integrated and embeddable solutions

Allowing magazine access to be seamlessly offered alongside other content types

Flexible content feeds

Enabling you to repurpose your magazine content for distribution through new channels

Integrated commerce solutions

Facilitating new monetization strategies and increased conversion for your publications

Fully-managed solutions

So you can focus on creating great content while we ensure you have the latest technology at your disposal

b2b Web Reader

ZINIO Web Reader

The ZINIO Web Reader can be integrated within your own services to deliver a digital magazine reading experience directly to your subscribers. Leverage your existing authentication and subscription management tools to control access and/or bundle with other premium services.

b2b Web Reader
bb Publisher Apps

ZINIO Publisher Apps

Our fully managed, single-title, ZINIO Publisher Apps offer a complete end-to-end experience for your subscribers, from discovery through to purchase and access. Leverage our various fulfillment house integrations to provide instant access for your print subscribers or utilize our API to create and manage digital subscriptions directly. Support for iOS, Android and web ensures your subscribers can access when and where they like.

bb Publisher Apps

Abacus Webvision Cloud Integration

The ZINIO Web Reader is now available as an integrated service within the Abacus Webvision Cloud website, allowing you to deliver a seamless and automated digital reading experience to your customers. Subscribers can discover and access their magazine issues directly from the “Digital Edition” tab​ and access can be controlled using the flexible Webvision Cloud authentication and subscription management tools​, allowing magazine access to be bundled with other content services, i.e. premium web content​.

For more information on the Abacus Webvision Cloud Digital Experience Platform (DXP), please visit here.

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